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236.60 € (excl. VAT) 236.6 EUR 236.60 €

236.60 €

236.60 € per pcs.

  • Glass Thickness
  • Glass Height
  • Mounting Position
  • Surface

This combination does not exist.


French balcony system

Product Number: 16.1005.011.10

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Glass Thickness 10.76 / 12.76mm of 16.76 / 17.52 / 21.52mm
Glass Height 500mm of 700mm of 900mm of 1000mm of 1100mm of 1200mm
Mounting Position Top of Slim Top of Side of Center Piece
Surface Mill finish of Natural anodized of Powdercoating shiny of Powdercoating structure of Powdercoating matt of ARMOR (pre-anodized/powdercoating)
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